Smart Humidifier
  • Ultrasonic Cold Mist Baby Humidifier :Using the most advanced wave diffusion atomization technology, provides a continuous and stable cold fog with a water capacity of 300ML, which can create a comfortable environment for 5-6 hours. The humidifier will automatically turn off when the water is used up. BPA-free materials will ensure that your child or pregnant woman is 100% healthy.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser: Add your favorite essential oil to the water. After a few minutes, the aroma will fill your room. The humidifier cleans the air and keeps your eyes and skin comfortable. Good essential oils have a certain relaxing effect on the human body, so that you can soothe your nerves after a day of work and are suitable for pregnant women and babies during pregnancy.
  • Ultra-quiet design to help baby sleep: Ultrasonic technology, quiet design, very compact body, so that you can easily put it anywhere, very quiet, and will not affect sleep, work, reading. Humidifiers for babies with sleep mode to help you or your baby improve sleep quality
  • Smart Bluetooth Speakers: The humidifier & diffuser with bluetooth speaker that simply links to your mobile device to play music, the humidifier's built-in lullaby and soothing white noise. 7 kinds of light colors, comfortable brightness, very suitable as bedside lamp.
  • Perfect service guarantee: The professional American product team will answer all questions about the product and provide you with product protection. When using the humidifier & diffuser, do not shake the product to avoid escape in the humidifier. The humidifier & diffuser has ultra-modern wood grain and denim texture, and the stylish design can decorate your room.

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