About Us

Alford Group is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based SNH Global Holdings Limited (www.snhglobal.com), a diversified holding company with principal operating divisions in Greater China, UK, France, Australia and North America.

We are a well-established Hong Kong based ODM/OEM electronic manufacturer with more than 20 years solid track record. We have strong capabilities in developing a wide-range of products using wireless technology, including digital video baby monitors, bluetooth devices, video doorbells, IoT devices, smart humidifier, hearing-aids and a patented air purifier.

We are working in partnership with many leading brands to deliver reliable and high-quality products meeting the stringent demands of international markets. Our well-designed products occupy significant market share in many major countries.

Suite 1603A Tower 2, Nina Tower,
8 Yeung UK Road, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Telephone : (852) 2370 2028
Fax : (852) 2741 3601
Email : sales@alford.com.hk

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